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CW's Reign
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A community dedicated to CW's new hit show, Reign.

Hello everyone! Welcome to reign_cw, a community inspired by and dedicated to the CW television series, Reign.

Here you can share news, pictures, fanfiction, graphics, discussions, and much more!

Posting is partially moderated, so your first post with a link will be sent to the moderation queue, but if deemed by a moderator to be safe, you will be moved to unmoderated status immediately.

Any post in this community MUST be about the TV show Reign, the couples and characters within, or the actors that portray them. Any post bashing the characters, actors, couples or production team will be deleted, and the poster will be warned and put on notice (a second infraction will result in being banned). Any kind of racist, sexist, homophobic or intolerant comment brought to the attention of a mod will result in a warning for a first infraction and banning for a second.

What IS bashing: "I think Adelaide is a horrible actress" - What ISN'T bashing: "I thought Adelaide's acting wasn't particularly strong in this episode"
What IS bashing: "I think the Reign is horrible and stupid" - What ISN'T bashing: "For a historical drama, I don't think Reign follows history much at all"

If you think someone has made an inappropriate comment, please contact the mods and we will deal with it. DON'T DELETE OTHER PEOPLE'S COMMENTS FOR ANY REASON.

Put spoilers behind a cut! As Reign is partially based on Mary, Queen of Scots' life, any historical fact is not a spoiler. However, information directly related to the show IS a spoiler. This includes:
- info/quotes about upcoming episodes
- pictures/video for upcoming episodes
- behind the scenes quotes/pictures/video for upcoming episodes
- info on an episode that's aired in the last 24 hours

Don't be too off topic! Use your common sense.
- Posts about a cast member's solo projects, pictures, news about the show, etc. are all welcome!
- If you have any theories or speculations, they are welcome too.

Posts containing only a link to your journal, where you posted your review/theories/fanfiction/icons/etc, are NOT allowed.
-If you want to discuss an episode, we will have a weekly episode discussion post for that.
-If you want to share a theory or speculation or some news, post it in the community, DON'T link to other places.

4.) TAGS
All posts MUST be tagged appropriately. Tags help with organization for both the mods and the members. Here is our tag list.
-Know the difference between character and actor. They are not interchangeable. The two should not be tagged in the same post unless there is separate information about both the character and the actor.
-Artists/Authors with more than three posts in the given category will be given their own tag. (See below for what to do after third fanfiction/art post.)
-If you know what to tag your entry, but there is no appropriate tag, use the tag needed tag, using the appropriate template at the end of your post and they will be added for you. Please keep the current tagging system in mind when designing your tags.

-If all else fails and you do not know what to tag your entry, use the untagged tag and a mod will tag your entry for you.

If you've forgotten to tag, the mods will leave a comment in your entry to remind you, and you have 24 hours to add the tag. If you don't, the mods will delete the entry.

5.) ART (excluding fanfiction) POSTS
- Only 3 Icons (100x100 pixles), or 1 other art piece is allowed outside of a cut. All other icons, etc must be under a cut.
- Icon posts must have at least 3 icons related to the show or the cast and at least 1 of these in the preview/teaser.
- Anything larger than 450 pixles wide must be thumbnailed.
- Art posts must have 1 piece for Reign or the Reign cast, and at least 1 in the preview/teaser.
- Please link directly to the specific art post, don't just provide your journal's name/link. (You will be notified if this occurs and will be expected to change the link within 24 hours or the post may get deleted.)
- When posting art directly to the community (not linking to a post in your own journal), only include art related to Reign or the Reign cast-related in the post.

If you do not follow this rule, you will be notified and expected to alter your post within 24 hours or your post may be deleted.

- All fanfiction must be related to Reign or the Reign cast.
- RPF is allowed, but must be tagged with the correct tag(s). No exceptions.
- Put all fanfiction behind a cut or link to your journal/wherever your fic is located.
- You can also link to your own journal, but the post must not be friends only.
- NC17 content must be members locked--that is the security level needs to be changed from 'public' to 'friends'. (As this is something a mod cannot fix, the poster will be notified and the post immediately deleted. The post can then be reposted, but must be members locked on the second attempt or the post will be deleted once again with no notice.)
- Every fanfic must have two tags: the fanfiction tag and the correct rating tag. Other appropriate tags include: ship, character, timeline, & genre. (Ship & Character tags are preferred, but only for major characters/ships, please.)
-If a rating tag is missing, the poster will be notified and asked to add an appropriate one within 24 hours or the post may be deleted.
- Use a subject line similar to: Fanfic: Title (Part # of #), Characters or Ships/Pairings, Rating
- You must use the following template (or a similar one) when posting fanfic:

- Don't hotlink from fansites! It's rude and it steals their bandwidth. Re-upload the pics you want to share to an image-hosting site (such as: imgur, photobucket, imageshack, or your scrapbook on LiveJournal).
- Don't just post a picture with a link "click here to see more." Post AT LEAST 4 pictures.
- Embedded videos must be 500px wide or less. Go here to find out how to make videos smaller.
- Tag your post!

Let's recap what goes behind an lj-cut, shall we?
- Spoilers, no matter how small.
- Fanfictions, no matter how short.
- Images (and videos) 450px wide or more, and several images.
- When making an icon post, you can put max 3 icons as a preview; the rest goes behind a cut, too.
- Any kind of long post or essay.

Do you have a community/event/site/etc. to promote or a friending meme to advertise? You are welcome to promote it as soon as you get a mod's permission. Ask HERE.

Promotions posted without mod approval will be immediately deleted.

Don't link to a locked journal! We want to see your fanfic/fanart/etc., and if you link to your journal and it's locked we can't. And it's annoying to have to friend your community/journal just for that. Also, don't block comments to your entries. Please refrain from using really big or colorful fonts when making your posts as well. Bolding a few words is okay, but don't make your post look like a rainbow.

Any post or comment made by a member of this community cannot be copied, discussed or duplicated anywhere else without the EXPLICIT permission of whoever is the author of that post or comment. We want all our members to feel free to express their opinions without fear of that opinion being attacked somewhere else without their knowledge, even if that opinion may happen to bash another ship/character. If we catch someone doing this, the person will be banned.

If you post something you've found on another site, like a picture, a video, an interview, a spoiler, etc. remember to link that site! It's polite to credit your source with a link to their original post. Also, when posting an article don't JUST link it. Copy and paste the text to the community, and then write the source at the end.

13.) Question & Affiliate Direction
- If you wish to affiliate with reign_cw, comment HERE.
- If you have any further questions, need clarification on anything, or wish to comment upon something, go HERE.

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Credit: profile code by fleeting-days, profile rules loosely based on those of damon_elena